SDSS-V The APOGEE Northern and Southern Spectrographs APOGEE-1 and APOGEE-2 constituted a high-resolution, near-infrared spectroscopic survey of several hundred thousand stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. Spectra are observed with custom-built, multi-object spectrographs, which record the spectra of 300 targets simultaneously across the H-band wavelength regime with an approximate resolution of 22,500. The APOGEE spectrographs […]

SDSS-V Explore below to learn more about the SDSS telescopes, the SDSS spectrographs, and the SDSS imager. Telescopes The Sloan Foundation 2.5m Telescope at Apache Point Observatory Sloan Foundation 2.5m Telescope The SDSS uses a dedicated 2.5-m f/5 modified Ritchey-Chr├ętien altitude-azimuth telescope located at Apache Point Observatory, in south east New Mexico (Latitude 32┬░ 46′

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