1. Introduction The SDSS-V Principles of Operation (PoO-V) states that data rights are in the hands of scientists at an SDSS-V institution (“Participants”) who have PI status or whose primary responsibility is the construction of the SDSS-V, and in the hands of individuals at other institutions granted such Participant status. The PoO-V describes the principles […]

SDSS-V 1. Introduction This document describes the policies and guidelines governing the publication of scientific and technical results from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey V (hereafter SDSS-V). The SDSS-V Publication Policy is designed to promote the scientific and technical accuracy of SDSS-V publications and ensure that fair credit is given to the authors and to other

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SDSS-V Principles The Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) welcomes and respects all Collaboration members, regardless of race, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, age, or family and socio-economic status or cultural background. The success of the SDSS in creating a vibrant and productive scientific culture is widely recognized as one of

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SDSS-V SDSS-V management recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the survey and have contributed at least a year’s worth of work on SDSS infrastructure with the designation of Architect.

SDSS-V The SDSS-V Collaboration Council (COCO) The Collaboration Council (CoCo) is charged with overseeing issues related to collaboration and data policies. It is chaired by the Project Spokesperson and comprises representatives from the member institutions. The CoCo advises the Spokesperson and other leaders on issues such as External Collaborator requests and applications to Architect status.

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SDSS-V Here follows but a partial list of project and science collaboration leadership and technical roles. An asterisk (*) indicates a member of the Management Committee. Director*: Juna A. Kollmeier Project Scientist*: Hans-Walter Rix Program Manager*: Solange Ramirez Lead Systems Engineer*: Stefanie Wachter Spokesperson*: Gail Zasowski Scientific & Technical Publications Coordinator*: Peter Frinchaboy Ombudspeople: Jill

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SDSS-V Overview SDSS is operated by an international collaboration of hundreds of scientists at numerous institutions around the globe. The scientific achievements of  SDSS are enabled by the technical capabilities, financial contributions, and above all, the collective scientific expertise and enthusiasm of this vibrant collaboration. The active operational phase of the project is SDSS-V, which

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